The after-sale service guarantee regulations


First, objective:


In order to make sure consumer be convenient, fast, efficient, professional, unified customer service in  the framework of the Chinese mainland using the digital products (video  game consoles and other products) of YangLiMing Electronic Technology, this regulations was established.


Second, free warranty (quality problems arising from non-human reason)


1, On the date of purchase, game console host enjoy 3 days returning,7 days shifting, three months warranty service policy; the battery is of free repairing and returning in a month;


2,  the host 7 days appear quality problem in the sale date: if appearance  without any scratch, can be change to new machine for free; if  appearance of scratch, can be paid for new machine.


3,  same machine after repair still have the same problem in 1 month, even  though over the warranty period, we accept free repair (with effective  customer service warranty card repair records.).


4,  The free warranty does not include machine parts of normal damage, cell loss and improper use of casing wear, abnormal damage.


5, In the scope of free warranty, the product of non-human quality, customer dont need to pay for repairing and components.


Third, the paid service (artificial damage, warranty period, no body bar code)


1, The free warranty products and accessories. (Case, earphone, charger, random data, CD-ROM, wire, packaging materials, etc.)


2,  without barcode or can not provide effective customer service card  ,valid purchase invoice ,other valid certificates (please check article  fifth of valid documents).


3,  Failure or damage that caused by improper operation.


4, Unauthorized entities or individuals to tear up the bar code.


5, Failure or damage not caused by our repair mechanism ,the authorized agencies or their employees


6,Failure or damage not caused by improper use as "manual" and custody require


Fourth, the warranty date criterion


1,  warranty start date base on the date of invoice, warranty card and  other effective bill (seal and fill in the date, the serial number and  model)


2, the bar code on the body of the ex-factory date display the warranty start date.


Fifth,  valid documents (provided one of the following four groups of documents.)


1,  The bar code and invoice.


2,  Effective warranty card (seal and fill in the date, the serial number and model).


3, according to the date the warranty date if only with the bar code


Sixth,  Repair


Repair  period less than three working days in the local repair maintenance,  and not more than 15 working days (except for special reasons, such as  logistics flight delays.)if must return to factory.


Seventh, UNPROFOR service complaint call: +86 755 27871992 

Eighth, the regulations began to carry out from November 11th, 2012.