About us

Shenzhen Yang LiMing Electronic Technology CoLtd was established in November 2008.

From the day of establishment, we have been keen to develop and produce game consoles and game console peripherals, and we put all our focus on this.

We do our best to only produce better consoles, not to produce as many gaming devices as we can. We want to combine the classics with the future, and make classic games easier to present to players with more modern hardware and software design, and make classic games easier to present to players with more modern hardware and software design.

Therefore we adhered to the concept of "inheriting the classics and leading the future", and officially established the ANBERNIC brand in 2017, RG series products were born at the same time.

ANBERNIC is a fast-growing brand. Since 2017, the ANBERNIC brand has produced a series of portable handheld game console products, which have won high praise from customers around the world with high quality.

The goal of the ANERBNIC brand is to provide retro gamers and developers in the open source community with smart gaming devices and peripherals that meet the needs of market segments. In short, the development and growth of the ANBERNIC brand is inseparable from the support of players and developers.

Especially in recent years, with the development of the open source community, our vision has also been realized, and our goal is to allow more users to use our products and run applications such as games and various multimedia software comfortably, so that more users can use our products. More developers are involved in product upgrades.

Although we have lofty ideals, we are still down-to-earth. We believe that miracles rarely happen. We are humble and not boastful. Therefore, we are willing to be a "cultivator" in the game console industry.

Brand development history:

1.Retro Game (referred to as RG handheld)

First milestone open source handheld, which laid the initial mark of the RG series handhelds, and the RG model product series was born, which was released in November 2017.


First retro game golden ratio 4:3 open source handheld. It is also the world's first open-source handheld with an IPS screen, and was released in November 2019.


First aluminum alloy handheld, and also the world's first open source handheld with IPS fully fitted to the screen, will be released in March 2020.


First open-source handheld with dual operating systems (Linux + Android) will be released in December 2021.


First OLED open source handheld will be released in April 2022.

6. WIN600

First PC dual-system handheld (Windows system + Steam OS system) will be released in July 2022.

From the RG series, we have walked through the bumps along the way. Now there is another big mountain in front of us, and the scenery behind the mountain has always supported our belief in continuing to walk.

We have been on the road, Just to present a better handheld game console.