1. Customer service

Marketing services : The core  idea : From meeting customers' needs, right time, right place, at the  best price, good way to the right customer with the right products and  services to customer satisfaction as the purpose of the business,  enabling customers the appropriate requirements are met and ultimately  achieve mutual benefit and win.


2. Product technical service

A. we will provide technical  service for your online reply to the questions raised by 30 minutes,  positive answer to customers on the product structure, operations and  other issues

B. For related product, we will  regularly published in the official online software upgrades for  customers to download the upgrade.


3. After - sales service

A, warranty services and online services for products

B, provide standard accessories as required

C, online or by other factors that cannot be processed in a timely manner, we will send engineers to solve it for you.


 4. Customer Satisfaction

A. strengthen ties with  customers, value customer input, setting the customer quality monitoring  information system, sound files

B. Do visit to customers on a  regular basis, learning about the sales on the market, gather customer  comments, Summary of customer satisfaction ;